Samsung RF56K9540SR Family Hub Multi Door American Style Fridge Freezer


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When you buy a Samsung Family Hub Fridge™, we're sure you'll love how it frees you up to enjoy life at home. So sure, in fact, we'll give you 100 days to experience your new purchase in all it's glory, and if you're still not totally convinced, we promise you can return it.

Offer runs from 30 October to 31 January 2018. Click here for more details .

See inside your fridge from anywhere

The Family Hub’s™ 3 built-in cameras will let you see what’s inside, so you can check what you have left from your phone whenever you’re out*. So even when you’re shopping, you can take a quick look.

Always rely on the freshness

Choose to track your key fridge items and their expiry dates. Set reminders which will appear on the fridge’s screen and on your mobile*, so you can enjoy your food at its best.

Spice up everyday meals with delicious recipes

With the Recipe Apps and thousands of ideas to choose from, cooking like a chef has never been easier.

Keep in touch with the whole family

Keep on schedule and sync everyone’s calendar from the touchscreen or your phone*, so you'll never have to miss a single event. StickiBoard helps keep everyone on the same page.

Let your fingers do all of the talking

Write notes or draw pictures on the touchscreen and let your creativity speaks for itself*. No more lost notes or pens and paper!

Non-stop music, video & TV entertainment

Kitchen entertainment just got a whole lot better, whether you want to continue watching that programme of yours or you prefer listening to music.

Precise Chef Cooling

Retains the natural textures and flavours of food. By minimising temperature fluctuations, the freshness, flavour and texture of food is preserved for longer.

Chef Zone™

Preserves ingredients at the temperatures chefs recommend. The Chef Zone™ is a storage drawer that’s ideal for preserving meat and fish. It keeps them at an optimal pre-set temperature recommended by chefs, so they stay at their freshest and retain their original flavour and texture. It can also be easily lifted out to transfer ingredients for creating the perfect meal.

Keeps food fresher, for longer

Twin Cooling Plus™ maintains optimal humidity levels in both the fridge and freezer compartments, helping to keep food fresher for longer. It also prevents food odours in one section mixing with those of another, so that your food keeps its original taste.

Oven-ready food preparation & storage

Prep and cook like a professional chef using the Chef Pan™. This hygienic stainless steel tray can be used to marinate, prepare, store and cook food, and then put straight into the dishwasher to be safely cleaned*.

ERT Awards 2016 – Product Innovation Award


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